Quadzilla overheating

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Quadzilla overheating

By MoparMan. I finally got around to doing MoparMan's mod for the puke bottle. I knew I needed to clean my radiator even before this happened. My truck ran hot - degrees in stop and go traffic or when towing my pound trailer. Also, at idle, my air conditioner barely worked. It all pointed to an air flow problem. So I pulled the radiator and I would say this is an air flow problem:. So I used some degreaser and my power washer to clean everything. So once that was done I went to work on the new vent setup.

It's Mike's design just plumbed slightly different probably still a patent infringement. While I had it all apart, I flushed the cooling system and changed the thermostat.

When it was back together I took it for a test drive. It heated up to degrees much faster than before thanks to the new thermostat. When the thermostat opened it actually dropped down to about degrees.

I've driven this truck daily for about 4 years and it has never done that. I decided to take it for a ride through the city. I spent 45 minutes in stop and go traffic with the air conditioner on and it never went above degrees. Before it would have gone to about It was definitely worth the time it took and I should have done it a long time ago. The down pipe I kept short enough that road debris will not strike the downpipe as well as keeping up near the engine heat in hopes to keep it from freezing shut.Net Forums General Hardware General.

Dell Inspiron Overheating? Hello Everyone, I'm having a problem with my Dell Inspiron where the system slows to a crawl for what appears to be overheating. The system boots up fine and seems to run fine for the first few minutes I'm using it but after that I can hear the fan turning faster and faster as the system gets slower and slower.

The first time I noticed this I realized it was probably overheating as the laptop was sitting in its carrying case with no ventilation on the bottom.

However, I'm still having the problem even when I've got the front of the laptop propped up a few inches to give it plenty of ventilation. The system could be running fine 1 min. The most resource hungry application I use is Dragon NaturallySpeaking and the system almost always slows when I run it. And again, the fan always get much louder when the system slows like this.

Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide! Dan G. See More: Dell Inspiron Overheating? You will then find out if the processor is running hot or not C.

Hope this helps. Hello, Thanks for the reply. I installed and ran Speedfan and I'm still having problems with the overheating. What are these suspend messages referring to?

ATV Troubleshooting: Most Common Issues

I have the same laptop and have had overheating problems for a long time Under the one year warranty I brought it in and I know they repair things related to the temperature problem rethermalated it - I think that is what the receipt had said and it still gets exceptionally hot The overheating causes other problems like the plastic on the hinges for the screen getting hotter than normal since they are near the vent.

I had the hinges crack a long time ago and had to replace the screen case. I am also very careful with my laptop and do not travel with it. I hope you can figure out the issue I would love something other than thinking it is just a dud of a laptop. Start a discussion. Ask Your Question. Tip : Use Question Form such as " Why? Thousands of users waiting to help!

Have you ever used Discord?Registration is fast and you can even login with social network accounts to sync your profiles and content. I am going crazy trying to figure this one out.

Recently snorkeled efi is overheating but I am inclined to think that the problem is not related to the snorkeling. My fan is no longer coming on. I checked the fuse and also the diode marked fan in the fuse box and found both to be OK. I checked the fan to make sure that it is working under normal conditions so I powered it directly from a battery and it works fine.

I checked the continuity of the sensor and it works as well. Hooking a positive from an outside battery source to it. Once the temp got high enough the fan came on. I downloaded the wiring diagram from the forum and it indicates a diode in-line with the ground.

Does anyone have experience with this? So just to follow up on what I did as a short-cut which could be a life-saver in the field. The harness then travels bi-directionally, passing through the sensor which is located on the lower left side of the radiator.

This sensor was bad in my case. I didn't have a replacement in the field so I simply unplugged the sensors power supply, unplugged the fan from the sensor harness, and plugged the fan directly into the power supply for the cooling system. This got me the nearly 20 miles I needed to get me out of the woods and will work until I receive a new sensor. The fan now runs as long as the key switch is turned on.

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Upload or insert images from URL. Not a member? Search In. Do you own an ATV?Routine maintenance is key to keeping your machine on the trails or track longer with less downtime for repairs. The cooling system can often be overlooked at times, but in reality it needs just as much attention as the other moving parts. Without the cooling system working properly, you can experience many different mechanical failures, such as overheating, burst hoses or coolant leaks.

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We also chose to upgrade the cooling system with an Evans waterless coolant. Evans coolant aids cooling, but most important, it does not boil out of the overflow like a conventional coolant. That helps maintain the coolant volume in tough conditions. To drain the coolant system you will find the drain plug located on the water-pump cover.

This 8mm bolt is removed, allowing the system to drain in a pan. You can remove the radiator cap to relieve pressure for a faster drain. You need to take care at this point to keep the coolant contained. With the system drained you can begin to remove the radiator hoses. Most hoses are held in place with spring clamps, and a good set of pliers will help remove these clamps with ease. Some hoses may have worm-drive clamps that require a screwdriver.

quadzilla overheating

Remove the remaining bolts holding the water pump cover. Be careful to not damage the O-ring as you remove the cover. You will need to reuse the O-ring on the new cover. Buying a new O-ring before you start might save headaches later, and they are not expensive. Remove any additional hose fittings from the cover, as these will be installed on the new Boyesen cover. Clean any parts that show signs of calcium buildup or rust. To remove the water pump impeller you will need an electric or air impact gun.

This can sometimes be done with putting the engine in gear, but it takes more force. With the impeller removed, inspect the shaft and seals for any scoring that can cause leakage. Spin the bearings to make sure they spin smoothly with no play, rumbles or grinding sounds. If any of these parts need to be replaced, now is the time to do so. To install the new impeller you will install the small washer onto the impeller shaft.

quadzilla overheating

Tighten the impeller to factory torque specs. Install the new side cover, and torque the bolts to the recommended settings. Install the new radiator hoses, copying the factory hose routing.

quadzilla overheating

Pay particular attention to the clearance around the exhaust system. With the hoses installed and clamped in place you can now begin filling the radiator with fluid. We used an Evans waterless coolant. Evans and other waterless brands require the system to be clean and dry. Normal coolant or water will contaminate it.Hi all, My Zforce seems to have developed its first real problem.

Besides coming with out-of-round rear tires, the thing has been perfect for the first miles. Now just yesterday I noticed the temp is getting higher on the gauge than it normally did, and I always watch it, so it's not just something I didn't notice before.

This happens most when riding trails at slower speeds for longer periods grouse hunting. Once the machine gets up to a higher speed the temp comes back down to about normal, due to the now cooler temps we are having here in north central Minnesota. The fan fuse is good I replaced it anyway. I'm now thinking it is probably the relay for the fan. But before I tear the machine apart to access the relay I thought I'd ask if others may have had this problem and how they handled it.

I think the coolant temp sensor is likely still good since it still seems to accurately drive the temp gauge. Any thoughts or advice? Sounds like the thermal switch on the radiator either went bad or is unplugged. The dripping is caused by the fluid boiling over into the overflow tank which is then over filling. I suggest you don't ride until you get the thermal switch checked and replaced overheating your unit can do a lot of damage.

It's most likely the thermoswitch, they are prone to failure. Fire it up and let it come to temp, about 4 bars on display. If fan doesn't engaged it's the thermoswitch. You can jump it by connecting the two wires, until you can get a replacement.

I suggest a thermoswitch from a Honda, accord, civic ect They are better quality and will not ruin your day on the trails. In any case, no more riding without it working. Overheating is death. I think I remember hearing about bad fan switches too.Here are three things to especially keep in mind. Fortunately, battery issues are some of the easiest to fix. To test the battery, use a multimeter which can be purchased on the cheap at any auto parts store to check for an output of 12V.

Do so by hooking the terminals to a battery booster via alligator clips on the charging cables and go make yourself a sandwich while you wait. First, check out your spark plugs via a physical inspection. Look for any corrosion or gunk on the plug itself, and ensure that there is a small gap present in the spark gap of the plug.

If the plug looks out of sorts, replace it. Otherwise, you can use your multimeter to test the plug and see whether or not a spark is present. Other parts of the ignition system, including the ignition coil and capacitor discharge ignition CDI can also fail, however are far less likely to.

Failures within the engine system can be tougher to put your finger on due to the high volume of mechanical parts required to make it all run. Starts and stalls, or a complete lack of engine action could be caused by simple fixes like a clogged air filter or exhaust, or more in-depth issues such as blocked fuel lines or over-fueling causing carburetors to flood.

ATVEvergreen.Custom tuning on the Adrenaline units targeting the Most Adrenaline units currently out in the world have the original custom tuning features now called Legacy V1 tuning enabled. Quadzilla units began shipping with V2 custom tuning in late This new V2 custom tuning enables more custom tuning to be done on your truck than ever before.

Many Thanks go out to moparman.

Adrenaline Custom Tuning Guide

Find his original Quadzilla Custom Tuning guide here. You must have a V2 base tune loaded for these to work along with selecting the V2 vehicle out of the iQuad Vehicle Selection list.

One will not work without the other. Take complete control of how your truck is fueled from bottom to top and add in timing controls never seen in these trucks. Make all of these changes on the fly and then you can start to imagine what the V2 level of customization can give you. This section contains the parameters used to customize the tune settings rather than the tuning itself.

More numbers means smaller incremental steps in power, less numbers means larger power steps size. Quadzilla has introduced a new power level called "power reduction" or "Valet-Mode" as the new lvl 1.

The more levels you have the smaller the jump in power per level. Because of the additional power level we have increased the minimum number of power levels to 6 rather than 5 and the upper limit to 15 rather than PL01 maximum power level.

This power reducing level is designed to allow others to drive your vehicle without any worry of them pushing too much power and making a fool of themselves, your truck, and you for letting them use it. It can also serve as a valuable anti-theft mode. This section contains the parameters dealing with the pump tap only. Modifying these parameters will only change the way the pump tap fuels. The max fuel stretch is the maximum amount of time the Adrenaline will stretch the pump signal through the wire tap.

This will give you the biggest difference in overall power and smoke.


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